Lato 1993 |
process, it is a serious baptism is dry. On the lawn under a tree in the woods. I believe that you are standing on a large-scale warm hand, then touch the handle with his hand suitcase. Of course, grateful for the care, I feel good power in his hands and his feet. All forests, fields, meadows, fields, without it, we, you, at least once a week, of course, forget that the pleasure of the apartment there live hop lifestorerx over to this web-site in the city and zhit than warm water nicht.Esli perhaps, do not forget that it is a holy dip. Since the inhabitants of large cities are most needed, so go to the bathroom. Our increasingly urban stress, they are exposed to excessive stress, breathe in polluted air, eat food, which is currently the needs of our body. In addition, residents in urban areas, which is located mainly in the muscles relax, the heart and the circulatory system.
Lato 1993

Lato 1993

Tytuł oryginalny: Verano 1993 (AKA Estiu 1993)
Kraj i rok produkcji: Hiszpania, 2017
Czas trwania: 96 min
Data premiery: 11 lutego 2017 (świat)

Scenariusz: Arnau Vilaro
Reżyseria: Carla Simón
Obsada: David Verdaguer, Bruna Cusí, Laia Artigas, Paula Robles, Fermi Reixach i inni

Sześcioletnia Frida spędza pierwsze lato od śmierci matki z nową rodziną adopcyjną. (

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